How to create your own jQuery Accordion

  Sometimes Accordions are very useful to display the full content in limited amount of space.  Accordions are the collapsible panels  that carry the content. Click the titles to expand the content under it and click to collapse.  How to create a simple Accordion with jQuery. First of all, Include the jQuery library if it… Read More »

jQuery Magnific Popup

Magnific Popup is fully responsive lightbox and providing high end performance.  You get better experience in any device, it may be iPhone or Smartphone. Supports: HTML content Images Ajax content iFrames Gallery Image zoom Videos(YouTube, Vimeos, etc.) You can use CSS transitions of your own to make it animate. you can put any HTML content… Read More »


a simple and easy way of create place holders, just give image size . Quicker way to get pictures of Kittens. Url with required size(width&height) gets a placeholder for you. Samples:





To get images in gray scale, just “g” as parameter



 … Read More »

my online tools of 2013

As this year ends up and a new year comes in. I want to share the tools used in 2013. Might be helpful for you guys. Online Image Generator  Online image Generator,Generate images for ad spaces, banner spaces, image spaces and more. Use URLs directly or download images for free. Json Parser Online “Analyze your JSON… Read More »

Category: PHP

GetPincode API provides an API to get a pin code of the place. Request: The GetPincode works over HTTP, and requests are made with GET. It works all around the world. To get the pincode for “Kukatpally” for example, this is the Request URL. Make sure to escape the query for best results. Response:… Read More »

Place holders for your website

Place holders for your website. Generate banner spaces, ad spaces without need of any image file. just use the following URL. How does it works?: A URL with five parameters will generate an image, see the example here.   Ad Holders:


  Parameters: Name Desc. Default  1st  Size of the image(You can… Read More »

jqPlot – Plot your data on chart

jqPlot – A pure JavaScript Plotting. Choosing charts is better way to represent your data, jqPlot is good one among them. plotting and charting with jqplot is very easy. It produces beautiful line, bar and pie charts. Features: Numerous chart style options. Date axes with customizable formatting. Up to 9 Y axes. Rotated axis text.… Read More »

jquery form validation plugin and example

Jquery validate plugin makes easy to validate a form before submitting, installation and customization is very simple. It is good choice to elect this plugin to validate a form, it prevents form submitting. It has many validation rules like email, urls, number,date, credit cards and has API methods to give you more controls on the… Read More »