PHP function to get ID from YouTube URL

Use the following function to get the id from YouTube URL.

 How to use?

That’s all for now.

Online image generator

Online image Generator,Generate images for ad spaces, banner spaces, image spaces and more. Use URLs directly or download images for free.







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YouTube thumbnail generator

A library to generate thumbnail for YouTube video, free YouTube thumbnail generator.

YouTube thumbnail generator










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How to create your own jQuery Accordion

jquery accordion



Sometimes Accordions are very useful to display the full content in limited amount of space.  Accordions are the collapsible panels  that carry the content.

Click the titles to expand the content under it and click to collapse.  How to create a simple Accordion with jQuery.

First of all, Include the jQuery library if it has not already included. Then append the following markup in wherever you want to read up the Accordion.

Then add the basic styles for Accordion. To change the appearance, you can add or change the css properties.

And Finally jQuery

Ok. Coool?

jQuery Magnific Popup

Magnific Popup

Magnific Popup is fully responsive lightbox and providing high end performance.  You get better experience in any device, it may be iPhone or Smartphone.


  • HTML content
  • Images
  • Ajax content
  • iFrames
  • Gallery
  • Image zoom
  • Videos(YouTube, Vimeos, etc.)

You can use CSS transitions of your own to make it animate. you can put any HTML content either it may be text or a form.

In case of forms, Entered data is not lost when you go other page and press back.

 Lightbox gallery with magnific-popup

First, include the following files


Markup for gallery:


Add this js to your document.





Read more:



a simple and easy way of create place holders, just give image size .
Quicker way to get pictures of Kittens.

Url with required size(width&height) gets a placeholder for you.






To get images in gray scale, just “g” as parameter





Have fun.



my online tools of 2013

As this year ends up and a new year comes in. I want to share the tools used in 2013. Might be helpful for you guys.

Online Image Generator 

Online image Generator,Generate images for ad spaces, banner spaces, image spaces and more. Use URLs directly or download images for free.

Json Parser Online

“Analyze your JSON string as you type with an online Javascript parser, featuring tree view and syntax highlighting. Processing is done locally: no data send to server.

Regexp tool

HiFi Regex Tester – Live JavaScript Regular Expression Tester


XML Pretty Print

A simple XML pretty printer.

Put XML in the text area below, click the “Pretty Print XML” button, and see pretty printed XML.


Create your frontend code simple and quickly with Bootstrap
using our Drag & Drop Interface Builder.



Facebook Graph explorer 

The Facebook Graph API Explorer is a simple Facebook app that lets you browse through the JSON data returned by Facebook Graph API requests.

Write code online php code test php online php test run php code online run code online, Test your code online.



Christmas celebration 2013




Merry Christmas, Have fun.

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