Fire by Night (Refiner's Fire, #2) ePUB

by Lynn Austin

Before I begin let met just say that : #1 I don't usually like books that have two heroines and two heros, I feel that it's some how cheating and that each couple should have their own book. #2 I detest spoiled brats. #3 I hate it when a character I like dies. But you see I still gave this five! And that is because this is the best book I've ever read with more than one main story line in it that clocks in a 473 pages. HOW did she do it? Readers, I don't know.

But I do know that she did a wonderful job. How often do we see a spoiled heroine who has actually done an about turn by the end? Not often. How often does an author kill of a beloved character and make it up to you? Rarely, very rarely.

So, that is what I love about this book, it's Lynn Austen's absolute best Imo. Watching Julia Hoffman turn from spoiled society belle to an unselfish war nurse was sometime else, especially because it took her time. She didn't just become unselfish overnight.

Then, the Hero. He is my favorite of all of Lynn's heroes. His having a beard may have something to do with that… but I think it's just him. He'storturedby his past and cannot get passed it.

As for the other Hero and Heroine, I can't spoil it for you by saying anything about them. But Phoebe Bigelow was an amazing character. She was too tall, too plain and could shoot like a man. Who in their right mind would want to marry her? Phoebe can't think of anyone so she does the unthinkable, and marches off to war. She was a free spirit, no one could bind her to their opinions. (And that's what I loved so much about her, that and her self sacrificing love)

PG-13 For the battle descriptions, (not gory I promise) the attempted rape, two murders and nursing. FYI, there were a few preachy spots, I skipped them without losing any of the story.

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