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by Ovid Demaris I think that is book is very interesting. I was able to stay completely focused while reading this book, and at times I did not want to put it down. The life of Jimmy was one of love, revenge and betrayal. I think that I really enjoyed this book because the character of Jimmy was very interesting.It’s hard to believe some of the stuff that he was able to do. For example he started his own trucking business and was almost able to run a competitor out of town.I also think that this book is very detailed about all aspects of Jimmy’s life.
Jimmy also mentions a lot about his other mafia cohorts. Throughout the book one can learn a lot about the mafia’s inter working throughout the west coast.But, that’s not all this book covers. It also talks about the crime families in New York and Chicago as well. Also, if you read this book you will learn a lot about the mafia’s allies and what they did to some of their enemies. One of their allies that I was surprised to learn about was Frank Sinatra. But, that’s not all this book has a plethora of knowledge about all things mafia from their initiation ritual to their code of ethics. The only negative aspect of this book is the fact that there are a lot of characters in this book.There are over one-hundred names that come up frequently in this book. So, that means that there are a lot of names to learn and memorize in the short amount of time that you are reading this book. But, that aspect does not affect this review, but it is good to mention.Once in a while one may get confused at who’s who by the end of this book. But, I would definitely recommend this to anyone interested in the mafia or crime fiction as well. This book is very intriguing and a good read for just about anyone.

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