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by Amy J. Fetzer No Turning Back Dragon One operative Riley Donovan is an expert at bringing 'em back alive, but his latest assignment takes an extreme detour when his prey is captured. . .by someone else. Before you can say "international incident," CIA agent Safia Troy has entered the fray. It just so happens the arms dealer Safia's after is the same scum who grabbed Donovan's man. If anyone can give Riley a run for his money in the kick-butt-then-take-names department, it's Safia. Not that Riley minds: he loves to watch her work. . .

Safia never thought she'd see Riley again since saving his life years ago—yet here he is, hotter than ever. If she must partner up, Riley certainly satisfies "all" her requirements. But Safia hasn't bargained for the twisted places this case will lead, revealing secrets about her past even she didn't know. Now, as Safia's drawn deeper into the heart of darkness, Riley's the only one she wants by her side. . .

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