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by Tremayne Johnson Take a walk with one of the most relentless drug kingpins to ever promenade the streets of New York: Ahmed Yung. His father was an old-school gangster and his mother passed away after giving birth, leaving Ahmed to fend for himself. Witnessing his father’s death at the early age of 12, Ahmed made a commitment to become one of the most respected hustlers on earth. Upon his release from six years of incarceration, Ahmed, 23, is forced to deal with the pressure. His comrades have the game on smash and they’re just waiting for his return to the streets. Christal and Malique, his girlfriend and son, depend on him to adjust his lifestyle. The choices he contemplates ultimately determine his destiny.
This is the story of almost every hustler who decides to play the game. Mistakes are made, hearts are broken and lives are lost. But one thing is for sure: decisions will have to be made. Strap up for a ride down a path of pain and glory. This is ‘A Drug Dealer’s Dream.’

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