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by Jean Genet Poetry. Drama. Translated from the French by Mark Spitzer. "Mark Spitzer has worked on these translations with a monastic patience and a martyr's zeal, and they require both ardor and dedication, since they are dense, heavily coded, daringly pornographic at times, and at other times far more lushly over-the-top than English comfortably tolerates.... No reader can truly understand Genet's plays or novels without grasping his poetry—which Mark Spitzer has made available in a convincing, accurate translation for the first time"—Edmund White. "A book with guts and integrity...a true work of scholarship and poetry...the quintessential English translation of the impeccable translations of two groundbreaking posthumous plays [Splendid's Hotel and The Pope]"—The New Yorker.

"The most important translation of any French author to come out within the last half-century. Spitzer's translations are amazing!" —Rolling Stone

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