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by Ernest H. Preeg U.S. bilateral trade with China in “advanced technology products” has shifted from balanced trade in 1998 to a U.S. deficit of $36 billion in 2004.One major explanation for this deterioration lies in an understanding of the growth of China as an advanced technology competitor.This new book presents a detailed, current assessment of the rapid development of Chinese advanced technology investment, production, and trade.Chinese research and development (R&D) growth of more than 20 percent per year and a tripling of university graduates since 1995 are the key domestic resource commitments, while foreign direct investment has been the “decisive catalyst” for a doubling of Chinese global exports from 2001 to 2004.

The book outlines a constructive and comprehensive U.S. policy response needed to maintain long-standing U.S. leadership in advanced technology innovation, production, and exports.Recommendations are offered in the fields of international finance, most importantly with respect to Chinese “currency manipulation”; international trade and investment, principally to achieve Chinese compliance with World Trade Organization obligations and an Asia-Pacific free trade agreement; and domestic economic policy in a number of specific areas, including education, public sector R&D, tax policy, and tort reform.

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