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by Paul Wade Very interesting book for those people who don't believe in fitness classes with all that devices that make it very similar to the torture room. Author stands on the point that all you need to not only to be in good fit but to be very strong is your body and if you practice just a few exercises like push-ups, pull-ups etc. you can get any result you want. I starred 4, because I think the same myself and my life mostly proves it. If you have a very active lifestyle, if you do exercises on daily basis and if you're not a beer addict than you will be in good shape.

The book is very useful for novices, because every exercise is presented in several variant from easiest to the hardest and this allows you to start doing them independent on your current state. Also, it may be useful for that people who feel that they cannot progress any further in their shape. Author talks about long periods of time (like 2-4 years to progress from easiest to the hardest variant of exercise), but if you think a bit it's not that long. If it becomes your lifestyle, than it will not bother you at all. From the other side, if you want get all the muscles on the planet in a few months, than this book is not about that. Also it's worth to note that proposed exercises a really safe to make them.

I've also made a quick look at the videos by the same number. All the text in videos is just the text from the book, no more, no less. All you get is the video of the guy who is doing these exercises very slowly.

At the end I want to say that you'd probably not need even this book to practise all theses exercises, you can just start doing them.

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