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by J.B. Priestley The friendship of three men is endangered when they return home from the war to the village of Lambury to differing receptions.

Description from the first edition dust-jacket:
Three men who have been fighting together overseas return, demobilised, to the same county district. One is a quarry worker, another is the son of a fairly well-to-do farmer and the third, belonging to "a county family", comes back to the Manor.We follow each one home and learn what happens during the first few days and what they think and feel about the civilian life to which the have returned. And then they meet again.
This is a novel as frank and fearless as it is entertaining. It is a very sharply etched little panorama of contemporary England. It is full of dramatic symbolism, although it can be read and enjoyed simply as a story of three fairly typical young men back from the army.And it is probably the most powerful and searching novel its author has ever written, and is certain to start eager discussion among readers of all kinds.
You will want to read it.You will want to talk about it.

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