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by Barbara Clegg The first of several "lost" stories from the twentieth anniversary season of Doctor Who, "The Elite" is a story that it's easy to imagine fitting into the Peter Davison era.

Writer John Dorney takes a premise pitch from writer Barbara Clegg and expands it into something rather interesting and entertaining. The TARDIS materializes in a domed city where the young people are engaged in constant war games for the pleasure of their ruling class known as the Elite.At the center of why this is happening is a nice little in-story twist that, quite frankly, worked better than it had any right to do so (even if looking back, it should have been a bit more obvious from the cover illustration).

Peter Davison, Janet Fielding and Sarah Sutton all easily step back into their roles as the Doctor, Tegan and Nyssa and the story (shockingly) gives each character enough to do to keep the interest up and not feel like one companion is relegated to a sideline story that may or may not have an impact on the final resolution of the story. As I said before, this one could easily slot into season twenty without feeling greatly out of place, though I doubt the effects budget of the time could necessarily render it quite as well as the theater of my imagination does. It's a perfect example of what Big Finish can do extremely well — create stories that evoke my nostalgia for a particular era of the show all while using the magic of audio to create a theater that the television screen couldn't or wouldn't necessarily be able to do.

And then there's the music that scores the story.The best soundtracks are those you notice for all the right reasons (say for example, most of the work of John Williams).And this score is one of those.

One of the more entertaining, compelling Big Finish stories I'v listened to in a while and it really gave me a lot of hope that the lost fifth Doctor stories could be something really special.

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