Emerald Fire (Fire And Ice Saga #1) ePUB

by Molly Diamond

Caught between two worlds, Honey becomes Freya's pawn in a game of love and war.

Betrothed to the young and cruel Kaedric, Honey resigns herself to a life of unhappiness. On the night of her eighteenth birthday, she goes into the Great Woods where the goddess Freya appears to her.

Freya gives Honey a choice: marry Kaedric and pay off her family's debts, or wed the Green Man, a mighty Faerie king who has been haunting her fantasies for months. To escape Kaedric, Honey agrees to marry King Roahre. However, once their marriage is consummated, unexpected revelations stun Honey, and she realizes she's a pawn in Freya's sinister plot.

Can Honey and Roahre's love survive the ultimate test?

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