Strategies and Tactics in Supply Chain Event Management ePUB

by Raschid Ijioui This book aims at assisting global industry in its challenge of expansion within a world of ever increasing globalisation. The book wants to make the reader aware of the importance of transparent business processes and provides knowledge c- bining latest scientific findings and best practice in the high-tech industry. Major Companies provide comments and solutions drawing on their experience with - gard to their special requirements with regard to Supply Chain Event Management (SCEM). Some model cases and examples give practical solutions in a tangible manner. Leading scientists in companies, managers, universities and research - stitutes explain and provide information about probable future requirements - garding SCEM development. This book will assist not only the larger companies but also any smaller ent- prises, such as Interturbine Logistik GmbH, in their efforts towards international speed delivery, service technology and competitiveness. It serves the common goal of networks transparency hereby offering significant cost reduction and p- viding ground for service performance enhancement, creating a base for total or partial business re-engineering. For this achievement I like to express my admiration to the University of Aachen (RWTH) that has been able to combine science and the highly performing industry in order to gather all knowledge available at present in this compacted format (for more on this topic, see article by Raschid Ijioui on page 267 et seq.).

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