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by Q. Kelly Josie Cosgrove and Lori Chambliss navigate the tricky waters of friendship after they acknowledge their romantic—and disastrous—feelings for each other. At least Lori seems to have a stalker of sorts to help keep her mind off Josie. Meanwhile, Josie turns to her usual standby of casual sex but feels increasingly disenchanted with her lifestyle.

Evelyn Darby, much to her surprise, has been chosen for a female professionals calendar. The picture that served as her submission captivates her, but she cannot find out who sent it in. She suspects her ex-husband’s second wife, and a visit to Bonnie’s coffee shop proves unsettling.

Reagan Richards, dealing with the repercussions of her affair and trip to Las Vegas, checks out Portland College’s Conservative Christians Club. Maybe there, she can find happiness and relief—however temporary.

This episode is about 22,000 words. These stories began in Episode One and will continue throughout IN NEED OF RESOLUTION. Stay tuned!

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