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by Kenneth A. Kitchen This volume, based on the hieroglyphic texts of the Ramesses Age of Ancient Egypt (c.1300-1100 BC), presents a modern English translation of the vast majority of historical sources for this important epoch of Egyptian history. The empire was at its height at the start of the period and was undergoing terminal decline at its end. The richness of the material reflects the cosmopolitan nature of Egyptian society at this time and is a vital source of knowledge for the whole of the East Mediterranean and Ancient Near Eastern worlds. Virtually the whole of the historically-significant official records from the long reign of the redoubtable pharoah Ramesses II are presented in this volume, in modern English translations, and in full. Thus it includes the notorious Battle of Qadesh, the later wars, the famous peace-treaty and diplomatic marriages with the ruling family of the rival Hittite Empire, the major texts on the king's works within Egypt and Nubia and inscriptions from a vast swathe of temples which extended well over a thousand miles along the Nile south into the Sudan.

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