The Wave (Chuck Palmer Adventure Series Book 2) ePUB

by Tom Miller Geologists have recently found remnants of the largest landslides in the world surrounding the Hawaiian Islands. These landslides generated tsunamis of unimaginable size and power. The only question remaining is when will it happen again?

A MERE 6.8 EARTHQUAKE on the island of Hawaii unleashes a 20-foot tsunami causing major damage and killing almost 12,000 people. Can two former Navy Seals, now a biology professor and personal trainer, find the cause? The answer lies 6,000 feet under the sea. With razor sharp wit and the military skills of their Navy Seal training, Chuck Palmer and Scott Richardson make a discovery no one could have fathomed: another tsunami 100 times larger (2,000-ft.) is about to crush the entire Pacific Rim. The Wave is a gripping, seamless story of love, friendship, non-stop macho humor, and a looming natural disaster.

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