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by Mario Andrew Pei From the dawn of time to the mid-twentieth century...Mario Pei discusses the formation and development of language - the weapon by which mankind has advanced from savagery to civilization.
New features in this revised edition:
-A new chapter on "SELF-DESIGNATION" discusses the names by which countries and people call themselves, as opposed to the names outsiders give them.
-A new chapter on "LANGUAGE AND PSYCHOLOGY" covers one of the mysterious areas of language - the connection of words with the mental processes of both the individual and the social group.
-Detailed discussion of such additional languages as Vietnamese and the African tongues.
-New material on nonlinguistic systems of communication, such as gestural and symbolic language, and animal talk.
-Most recent findings on the origin of language and how a child learns to speak.
-Coverage of slang (American, British, foreign); underworld cant and professional jargons; government gobbledygook; the language of euphemism, politeness and insult brought up to date.

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